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InsideNGO is pleased to announce the launch of our new Member Directory, an exclusive resource for InsideNGO members only.

OMB Grant Reform Information and Resources

InsideNGO is collecting the info and resources you need to better understand how recent OMB Grant Reform measures will impact your organization.

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InsideNGO membership is your pass to the exclusive deals and discounts with NGO sector providers.

Featured Industry Partners: The Crossland Group and Alexander Beard Group

InsideNGO’s Industry Partner Program is a select relationship that links providers of goods and services with our membership community and is a show of Partner support for the community in general. Partners are working with one or more InsideNGO members. Click here to see all of our Industry Partners.

Our key featured Partners this month are The Crossland Group and Alexander Beard Group. The Crossland Group is a  global partnership company that co-creates solutions from strategy to impact; offers social and private sector business consulting services in strategy implementation and much more.  The Alexander Beard Group provides a broad spectrum of financial services including international pension plans, offshore pension plans and TCN pension plans as well as other employee benefits. Members of InsideNGO have exclusive access to ABG's TCN Plan designed specifically for InsideNGO members looking for an affordable, off-shore solution.


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Top Contributors of the Week

  1. photo not available
    Julie Clements

    International Relief and Development
    Arlington, VA
    United States

    45 Points

  2. photo not available
    Keith Berner

    Freedom House
    Washington, DC
    United States

    40 Points

  3. photo not available
    Anna Garwood

    Green Empowerment
    Portland, OR
    United States

    20 Points

  4. photo not available
    Laurel Mitchell

    Project HOPE
    Millwood, VA
    United States

    20 Points

  5. photo not available
    Suzanne LaFlair

    American Councils for International Education
    Washington, DC
    United States

    20 Points

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