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InsideNGO’s Member Survey has Launched

Please take a few moments to complete our member-wide survey which was emailed to all members the week of March 16. The primary aim of the survey is to ensure we are providing the greatest value to our members through our services and programs. It is also an excellent way to find out about new, evolving, or shifting member concerns to help inform our future programming. Survey responses are kept confidential. While membership in InsideNGO is organizational, every staff member of each organization is a member and received an invitation to participate. Participating is one of the ways you can help us help you and we thank you in advance. You could win one of 50 Amazon gift cards for participating.

The InsideNGO Member Directory Now Online

InsideNGO is pleased to announce the launch of our new Member Directory, an exclusive resource for InsideNGO members only.

OMB Grant Reform Information and Resources

InsideNGO is collecting the info and resources you need to better understand how recent OMB Grant Reform measures will impact your organization.

Exclusive Products and Services for Members

InsideNGO membership is your pass to the exclusive deals and discounts with NGO sector providers.

Featured Industry Partners: Generali Worldwide and Apextech

InsideNGO’s Industry Partner Program is a select relationship that links providers of goods and services with our membership community and is a show of Partner support for the community in general. Partners are working with one or more InsideNGO members. Click here to see all of our Industry Partners.  Our key featured Partners this month are Generali Worldwide Group Pension & Savings and Apextech, LLC.

Generali Worldwide has been providing provident funds to NGOs around the world for over 25 years.  Generali Worldwide has the ideal platform from which to serve its regional and global client base, providing flexible and portable employee benefit programs to companies and organizations with unique needs, including the complications of having employees in multiple jurisdictions.

Apextech provides services to NGOs related to financial consolidation and reporting process. Services include financial systems implementations and customizations, business intelligence systems implementations, custom application development, and Quickbooks integration with ERP systems.  Apextech has developed a system to consolidate Quickbooks financial data from field offices which facilitates currency conversion and revaluation, cost allocations, data validation, accounting in a local chart of accounts, integration with HQ ERP system and financial reporting.


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Top Contributors of the Week

  1. photo not available
    Brooke Fitaye, SPHR

    Global Communities (formerly CHF International)
    Silver Spring, MD

    40 Points

  2. photo not available
    Inge Ceunen

    ORBIS International
    New York, NY

    20 Points

  3. photo not available
    Lisa North

    The Hunger Project
    New York, NY

    20 Points

  4. photo not available
    Nilanka Seneviratne

    Partners for Democratic Change
    Washington, DC

    20 Points

  5. photo not available
    Anonymous Posting

    Westport, CT

    20 Points

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